Tuesday, August 4, 2009

August, Already?

Well, June and July came and went. Utah/Outdoor Retailer was a blast. The weather out there was hotter than hell and drier than dust. FABULOUS! My favorite kind of weather. I returned only to unpack, do laundry, repack and leave 2 days later for the ocean, a nice change after dry, land-locked UT. It's amazing what the ocean can do for you. Not to mention hot sand and salt-water taffy. I feel re-energized, even if I'm still recovering from all the travel.

August 22 I will have a booth at the local Apple Pie Crafts Fair in Newport, NH. I'm just hoping to sell enough to cover my costs. Any profits will be much appreciated and wonderful. I will have a selection of hand-knit, felted bowls, mini-Santa mitten/hat ornaments, hand-knit lace votive holders, and hand-beaded jewlery. I didn't have enough time to get a homesteader's license to sell baked goods, but I will be donating a pie (apple, duh) for their benefit bake-sale. I am sharing the space with a friend/co-worker who makes wooden home accessories like hand-painted signs, frames and boxes. If you're in town, please stop by to say hello.

Bubba Lou starts at the local Montessori School in September. She misses the cutoff for kindergarten, but is ready for it. Montessori puts Pre-K and K in the same classroom and kids learn at their own pace. I think BL will thrive in that sort of enriching environment where learning is encouraged, guided and applauded. I hope so, considering what it's costing us...I shouldn't complain, the increased cost is worth it when I consider how bored BL has been in daycare the last 6 months. She's only there 2 days a week this summer, and hates to go (especially since many of her friends aren't there in the summer.) It makes me sad sometimes to have to take her somewhere she clearly doesn't want to be, but then...I don't want to be at work, either. I truly miss the days when I worked because I wanted to, not because I had to and spent my days being creative with BL.

Sy starts teaching at Lebanon High School this fall, his dream job. He will also be starting his Master's program in October. It's gonna be another stressful, too busy, tighten-our-belts kinda year, but we've learned we can get through just about anything (without throwing things at each other.) The year Sy was in school and not working was the hardest, so I think this year will be manageable. As my hair stylist says, "We see."

And isn't that what life is? One big "We see" and what you make of it is your own.