Friday, December 26, 2008

The Aftermath

I love looking at a glittery, sparkly tree in a dark room during the holidays. I also love taking it down as soon as the Christmas dinner dishes are done. Two weeks of vacuuming up pine needles and getting ornaments back from the dog are enough. I'm not bah-humbugging, I'm just tired of the holidays since I've been looking at them since October. Next stop, Valentine's.

Sunday, December 21, 2008

Mum, no peeking.

This is the shawl I 've been knitting for my Mum's holiday gift. She's seen it in progress, but she promised she wouldn't peek at my blog until after the holidays since she has no idea what the finished object looks like. I knit it with Koigu handpainted merino using a free pattern from Interweave. I used the Little Arrowhead Shawl. I think this is so pretty. Mine is bigger than theirs, measuring about 45" across the top and about 23" from top edge to bottom point. I just wish I had the patience to have made it even bigger and used up all the yarn.
Here is a close up of the bottom point. It makes me think of rainbow cobwebs. It's amazing how lace emerges like a butterfly from a cocoon once you soak it and block it. On my needles it was pretty, but smaller and denser. The second I pulled it out of the sink, PRESTO! Light, airy, delicate, multi-hued lace.

Friday, December 19, 2008

Happy, Happy to You!

Happy Holidays To All!

and to all a good night of putting together toys with no instructions and wrapping and baking and "yes, Santa is coming" and "no, I won't eat his cookies" and "if you don't go to bed now, Santa won't come" and swearing when you stab yo
ur finger with the screwdriver trying to put the %&*$#@ toy with no instructions together and finishing off the night with a shot of tequila to take the edge off before your little ones get up, which will be before you get to sleep.

Me? I'll leave the construction of toys to Sy because I'll be knitting until my needles go up in flames so I can finish the %$#*@ project I just HAD to make for so-and-so. I work well under pressure. Keep the tequila far, far away.

Check out the little elf hats I've been knitting like crazy (sorry the picture sucks, I was tired):
I've also done a hoard of little elf mittens, but was too busy to take pictures of them before they were gifted. Take my word for it, they were almost too cute to look at.
The ??? for D. is finished and so wonderful. I will remember to take pictures and show you all after he gets it.
Okay, I need to get back to my lace scarf for so-and-so.
Please excuse the change in font and size, I don't know what is going on. And I've tried to fix it several times. I give up...let's consider it creative.