Sunday, July 22, 2007


I just noticed that my last post was on Friday the 13th. Ominous.

First, Sy's car went kaput. According to the damn dealer he broke the timing belt which in turn ruined his whole engine. Needless to say, we're down to one car right now.

Second, Ash, BubbaLou, and I went to a pow-wow on Saturday morning. Incredible. There was an extended veterans honoring during which the American Legion fired off a canon, did a 21 gun salute, and played taps. Taps always brings me to tears, regardless of how or where I hear it. At about that exact moment, Sy's father died. The world works in mysterious ways, doesn't it.

Third, after securing "Nana-sitting" for the next few days, Sy and I took off for S. Carolina to be with his family. Well, mostly his brother. His sister is a @#$#$%^&^%#$$##@, and everything in between. Instead of honoring her father's wishes, she decided to make the entire ordeal about her. Me, me, me. I have never been so ashamed of someone in my whole life. Sy's dad is probably seething mad and crying wherever he is. I'm just glad that I could be there for Sy. I could have skipped 2400 miles in the car over 4 days, though. Ugh. I'm so happy to be home.

On a happier note, I just finished painting BubbaLou's "new" room (new to her, in the old part of the house that we won't be able to remodel for a few more years). Pink walls (picture dark pepto) and sky blue ceiling going down the eave to the floor. Her color choices, but it suprisingly looks very pretty. Especially since all the trim and furniture is tones everything down. When everything is complete I will have to post a photo...this room is so pretty. Very feminine without being fussy, a good room to grow with.

I hate painting, but I always love the results. Someday.....I will be able to pay someone else to paint!

Friday, July 13, 2007

Yummy in my tummy!

This is what I do when I'm not knitting or chasing BubbaLou.
My Dad brought over 2lbs of blueberries, the result was 2 dozen muffins and a prayer that I don't need to go buy bigger pants! I got to use my new convection oven for them...I baked them all at once and they were so evenly done I almost fainted in shock!

The front of the Rowan Orchid sweater. Lots of mindless, boring knitting. On little needles. The end result will be worth it, I hope.

"Waist Cincher Sweater" from Knitting Lingerie Style
I cast on the back on Monday to give me some relief from all the boring stockinette and endless white. I'm using JoSharp Silkroad Aran Tweed in Posie. It's a heavier yarn than the pattern uses (classic elite "lush" a very fuzzy angora blend), but the gauge is right...I think it's coming out beautifully.

I really need to find something lighter color to photgraph against...all the floors in my house are dark, chocolatey brown. Very rich, but not the best backdrop (at least they're clean!) The photo on the right was taken on my laundry room counter, it's the only shot that didn't look like the sweater was floating in mid-air!

Sunday, July 8, 2007

Finished Objects

This is the "Ballet Top" from Loop-d-Loop. My mom just finished this as a store sample using Fibre Company "Savannah". It's a blend of merino, cotton, linen and soy. This top took 4 skeins, single strand on a size 15 needle. Too expensive for my tastes. Yes, I'm like a crack whore when it comes to Rowan. KSH, "Ballerina", Rowan magazine #31, "Breeze"
"Monica" top from summer Knitty. The one and only Bubba Lou modelling. I used Rowan (shut up, I get a discount) hand-knit cotton. Two skeins for the front and back, less than a skein for the ruffle, and a small amount of white. All in all, the top cost less than $15. And I modified the straps to tie, so next summer I just have to let them down (I knit everything too long and wide for her so I get 2 seasons out of it!)
I promise there will be photos of the Rowan "Cloud" and cami from IWK soon. They were worn in a fashion show this weekend and need to be laundered before I will put them on again.
I just got the book Knitting Lingerie Style and have a long, long to do list. I will try to post more later with some photos. My microwave is beeping at me.