Sunday, July 8, 2007

Finished Objects

This is the "Ballet Top" from Loop-d-Loop. My mom just finished this as a store sample using Fibre Company "Savannah". It's a blend of merino, cotton, linen and soy. This top took 4 skeins, single strand on a size 15 needle. Too expensive for my tastes. Yes, I'm like a crack whore when it comes to Rowan. KSH, "Ballerina", Rowan magazine #31, "Breeze"
"Monica" top from summer Knitty. The one and only Bubba Lou modelling. I used Rowan (shut up, I get a discount) hand-knit cotton. Two skeins for the front and back, less than a skein for the ruffle, and a small amount of white. All in all, the top cost less than $15. And I modified the straps to tie, so next summer I just have to let them down (I knit everything too long and wide for her so I get 2 seasons out of it!)
I promise there will be photos of the Rowan "Cloud" and cami from IWK soon. They were worn in a fashion show this weekend and need to be laundered before I will put them on again.
I just got the book Knitting Lingerie Style and have a long, long to do list. I will try to post more later with some photos. My microwave is beeping at me.

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Abbie said...

Ah! Bubba looks so cute! A loves her baby kimono! (and I love it too) Its perfect for these muggy days. (she doesn't get too hot in it) I'll try to post a pic to my blog of it on her. I called yesterday, did you get my message?
:) Abbie