Friday, June 15, 2007

Cornelia Marie

Okay, so summer rerun season has officially begun. What's a girl to watch while knitting on the couch?

I'm enthralled by these fisherman. It's like a cold, wet, dirty, crass soap opera. With crabs. And huge boats. I now understand why crab meat is so damn expensive. Through the colorful description of Phil Harris, captian of the Cornelia Marie, I learned how much a new propeller costs. DAMN!

I love watching mother nature at her hardest, and seeing how these men (and one woman) stand up to her. They face an incredible battle every day and you can't help but pull for them. Yeah, if they get a good catch they make good money, but you won't catch my ass on a boat in the middle of the freezing cold ocean catching crabs!

Phil, you rock! Go Cornelia Marie!

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Abbie said...

We watch that every now and again! I saw the one the other night where the crane broke and the men had to climb up on top of the cages. Good Lord! You would NEVER catch me up that high in the middle of the sea! yeeeshh.. I hope they get paid well..