Thursday, August 16, 2007

Something to do...

A new fabric shop has opened here in Sunapee Harbor. The selection is small, but beautiful. I just couldn't resist buying a bundle of fat quarters in pretty pink and green vintage-ish prints. I think this will become a pillow for BubbaLou's new room.

The shop is called Pins and Needles and they will be offering classes. My family is full of quilters and they've all been saying I should learn...just what I need, another "fiber" hobby. Let's face it, it's just an excuse for me to collect more fabrics and notions! Better than gambling, I guess. Hopefully there will be enough extra money for me to take a beginner class this fall, I really would like to learn the "proper" way to do this instead of fudging along. And since I live in the freezing northeast, I can always use another quilt...or another sweater, or fleece jacket, or wool socks! My beading hobby has taken a back seat until Bubba is old enough to do a little better job at helping me. Picking up thousands of seed beads off the floor is not fun. For me. But I can't blame her...they do look like sparkly confetti.


Abbie said...

ohhh... fabric shops are a dangerous place for me. :) I LOVE Keepsake Quilting in Center Harbor. they are ENORMOUS!
Almost too big!
Hope everything is working out!
:) Abbie

BCK said...
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vTwin said...

Hello, what a pretty quilting square. Easy on the eyes and beautiful fabric choices. Maybe the owner will give you a little discount on the class you want to take for the free advertising ;o)