Saturday, February 7, 2009

Thank you!

My good friend Abbie and 2 of her children came to visit me yesterday. Bubba Lou and T had a wonderful time together and B.L. shared her toys and swing much better than I ever suspected she would. Zeep was well behaved, but quite curious. No one got an accidental puppy bite. All-in-all it couldn't have gone any better. Until I opened a little bag from Abbie containing a skein of yarn! It is a lovely shade of harvest orange (about the shade my kitchen will be someday) in soft, hand-spun, kettle-dyed wool. I had just the pattern for it:
I love that this pattern looks like I'm weaving instead of knitting. And one skein makes the perfect length/width for my chocolate brown leather coat. Many, many heartfelt thanks to you Abbie! I will think of you every time I wear this (and hopefully we have warm spring before I finish it, but I doubt it.)

B.L. was not left out of the gift-giving. For a belated birthday gift, she got the cutest little kitchen tools with bodies instead of handles and a spoon, whisk, and measuring cup for heads! She LOVES them and says "Thank You" again. We used them this morning to make pancakes.

And to top of our fantastic day, Nana came for a sleepover! Does it get better?


Golden Years Gal said...

What is the name of the pattern? I like it too. Would look nice on a pair of socks. Would you share it?

Abbie said...

Hiya Am!
:) did you get my card? The girls had funa dn I was surprised at how well Alex relaxed after a while. that pattern is awesome! I'm glad that you loved the yard and was able to make something from it. I have been using all the gifts everyday and altho I might not be years younger I LOVE the smell! Hope you guys arewonderful and not buried in snow. We got almost 8 inches but it's already melting! Thank GOODNESS!
Zeep is a big sweetie!

Abbie said...

Good grief.. can you tell that Alex is helping me type? She loves the keyboard! I meant 'yarn'...
and thank you for the 'creator' comment. I think that fits the bill just right.