Thursday, December 3, 2009

A little update

BL's Fancy Nancy birthday party was a huge success. All the little girls loved the lavender boas, bejeweled rings, and glow bracelets. The little boys enjoyed their embellished top hats and bow ties. Everyone loved decorating the white wooden frames with glue dots and flat-backed jewels. I took a picture of all the kids on the sofa, printed while they ate cake, and popped the picture in their frame before they went home. I will try to post pictures, I just have to get them off Mum's memory card.

My blogger ornament exchange partner was Sharrie. I received the prettiest little mittens and a carved starfish. Delightful. I can't wait to turn the starfish into a summer necklace, I just have to find the right beads to pair with it. I have no picture of it to show you...I put it in a safe place that is unreachable at the moment.Don't you love the (almost) Native American feeling these evoke? I also love that they're not red and green. Just so pretty and bright. Thank you so much Sharrie!

Thanksgiving weekend was filled with too much eating, my birthday, and a shopping trip with my sister to the Tilton outlet stores at midnight Thanksgiving night. We could not believe how busy it was and one woman told us it had never been that busy before. We had oodles of fun and after missing a turn to get back home, ended up taking the "scenic" route and back home at 5:30am. Not too bad. Pretty good bargains, but we decided next year we'll go to bed early and hit the outlets around 4am when there's plenty left, good deals, more parking and we're not turkey-drunk.

I'm headed to Utah again in January for the Outdoor Retailer show. I know it's over a month away, but I'm looking forward to it. I've made a few friends out there that I have fun connecting with twice a year and I enjoy spending time with our national sales manager. She and I get along really well and have a great time. It also doesn't hurt that we both have kids to bring goodies home for and look out for each other when a deal is to had (or free stickers!)

I have a feeling this will be another mostly handmade holiday as money is very tight again this year. I guess that means I ought to stop blogging and get knitting.

If I don't have time to post again, Happy Holidays to one and all.

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