Saturday, April 3, 2010

Heat Wave & Slush Cup

Wow! I went skiing today w/ no hat, no goggles. Short sleeves, sunglasses. Hard skiing...we called it mashed potatoes when I was kid. Otherwise, conditions were good.

Today was also the Annual Slush Cup at Mt. Sunapee. 200 people register to ski/snowboard down the hill and attempt to get across the man-made pond. Don't make it? SPLASH! Most people dress up in costume (whether you're attempting the pond-cross or not), I saw 2 Easter Bunnies and 2 Elvis impersonators, a few pirates, a few (too-young) girls in bikinis, a doctor, and the man in the bear-skin coat that's been there every year since I was 10 years old, among others. The main snowy thoroughfare in front of the parking lot becomes the 'beach.' Bring on the beach umbrellas, grills, coolers and music. When I was a kid, we always showed up early for a lakeside parking spot and grilled lunch while sitting in beach chairs. Dad was usually in a mis-matched leisure suit from Goodwill, Sis and I were in layered jeans and shorts and layered t-shirts.

By the way, it was over 75 degrees on the mountain today. With the sun reflecting off the snow, it felt like 90. I was cooking, my boots were soaking wet from the inside out. I don't think it's ever been that hot when I've skied before. Couldn't have asked for more (could do without the sunburned ears...forgot I didn't have a hat on!)

Next week is the Annual Intergalactic Cardboard Sled Race. We won't miss that one unless it's raining. Always fun, and another excuse to grill on the snow with a bunch of friends you don't know yet.

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