Wednesday, June 23, 2010

These boots are make for walking....

Well, actually they're sneakers.

I've started walking to work and home every day that I don't have to take BL to daycare. One tiny step for the environment and my wallet (haven't even started my truck in 4 days), many giant steps for my rear end. It's only 1.5 miles each way, but the way to work is mostly uphill and the way home mostly downhill. Each has it's own 'challenges' and uses different muscles. Muscles I forgot I had in my rear end, lower back, thighs and calves. Did I mention I carry a pack (Gregory- My "I love it so much I'll cry when it falls apart" pack) with my shoes, change of clothes, small toiletry bag, calendar, wallet, and lunch? It's motivation not to gain any more weight and loose the 10 I've put on (and several inches in multiple places that have gotten soft and squishy.)

Today is Day 3 in a row. I'm pretty proud of myself, especially since if I didn't walk I could leave the house 45 minutes later (and sleep later.) The walk takes me a half hour right now, but I'm hoping to get it down to 20 minutes by the end of July so I can leave a little later and still have time to freshen up at work. This morning was the worst so far.

What keeps me going is the hope that tomorrow will hurt less if I just keep working through it.
I'm optimistic.

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