Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Hounds and the dog days of summer...

I have officially begun the search for another wolfhound. Preferably an adult in need of a loving home. And a little girl who will call him a little brother, like Zeep-y. Zeep's human 'Mama' just let me know they're hoping for a spring litter...there may be a baby in my future.

Now for the dog days of summer...kind of. School is about to start, the tourists are going home and I get to enjoy the warm, sunny days of September sitting on a quiet beach and swimming in water that's still pretty warm (compared to what it was like in June.) And BL will have all the beach toys to herself (if they haven't been locked up yet.)

I love where I live, but when I visit a 'tourist town', I sympathize with them.

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Abbie said...

It is soooo nice when the streets finally clear out. Getting caught behind someone who goes 35 mph by the lake almost drives me to the breaking point.