Wednesday, December 26, 2007

It's Over!

Finally, December 26th has arrived. Actually, 7:00pm December 25th arrived! My tree was out the door by 8pm, and the rest of the decorations were in their places in the attic by 2pm this afternoon, with the excpetion of the outside stuff. Most of that waits until January thaw. The silver and china is packed away until spring, and my kitchen is back to rights. Aaaaahhhhhh.

Don't get me wrong, I love the holidays and the decorations. We just put them up WAY earlier this season due to a holday cocktail party that never happened. I was soooo tired of sweeping up pine needles...there is something to be said for faux trees.

Naaah, I still couldn't do it. I have a Dyson for a reason.

The holiday was good to us all. BubbaLou especially. The trike was a big hit, as was the Cub Cadet tractor w/ trailer that Poppy brought, and the piano that Nana brought. I know the holidays aren't about the stuff, but damn, Bubba's got it good. She's been circling the island in the kitchen like a shark...she figured out pedalling really quick. Steering, you ask? We're working on it.

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Abbie said...

Hi Am! I have put off the 'take down' for a few days to catch my breath. :) Your pumpkin woopie pies were most excellent!! Thank you!! thank you!! I say 'were' 'cause I just finished off the last one, just after I photographed it for my blog. ? I never thought I'd be taking pics of my food for the world to see, but hey, we all have something right? :) I'm glad Bubba had such a fruitful Christmas! T and A (HA!HA!..gotta love their intials..) got a 5 foot by 5 foot by 5 feet tall, Disney Princess Castle. It was alittle larger out of the box than Santa was expecting. ;) Hope all is well, and in a few weeks I'll call to have youa dn Bubba over to play!
Take Care,
:) Abbie
PS.. my mother in law stole a whoopie pie and loved it!! :)