Sunday, December 23, 2007

Peace on Earth, good will towards men.

Technically, we're a Solstice-celebrating household, but due to work schedules and tradition, we do "Christmas." I think the only year I haven't worked on Solstice was the year BubbaLou was born, and I was so exhausted that I didn't even care there were holidays at all. Now it's a different story.

Santa is bringing BL the tricycle of my dreams...a wonderful Kettler with air tires and a bell. This baby supports up to 400 POUNDS! He, he, me some fun ideas. Go to to get the scoop on how fabulous these are.

Here is the hat for my Dad, modeled by the lovely and willing BL. There was very little money in the budget for gifts, but I know how much he will love this. Especially the ear flaps, and that it's washable wool. The hat is knit from the hem up, with the earflaps done in short rows, so the "hem" and flaps are two layers of hand-knit warmth.

And I can't post it until after it hits the stocking, but wait until you see the hat for BL! It is so cute I almost couldn't stand to knit it!

I hope everyone enjoys their holiday this year and gets what they wish for most from dear old St. Nick. Me? Silk yarn, and a swift. Pretty please, Santa...I promise I've been good. And I leave the best cookies in town (and a glass of scotch.)

Merry, Merry, you.

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