Monday, February 18, 2008

Before the accident

Before my finger-slicing I was on a roll. I was getting so much done I was amazed. Knitting projects were flying off my needles like magic. Pattern by Blue Sky Alpacas, "Cropped Cardigan" Yarn by Rowan, "Cotton Rope"

Top down, no seaming, cast-on to binding-off the sleeves...4 days. Perfect little cardigan for throwing on over a summer dress. That is, if summer ever gets here.

Bubba Lou had a V-Day party at school. I can't do the store-bought card thing, so we made them. Thank you Martha Stewart February edition. We did embellish, though. Everything is better with a little glitter, don't cha think?Fortune Cookie Valentines

Now, Martha shows Hershey Kisses inside these babies, but I don't know how she does it. I put the "fortune" inside and had to bend the wire in half really hard to get the cookie to stay closed. I wonder if she used a heavy-duty florist wire and just didn't say anything to make the rest of us feel inadequate. Well, not me...I had glitter. Everywhere. I'm still sweeping it up. I was using a cookie sheet as a "drip pan" ans Bubba decided to blow the glitter. Yeah, I'm really that stupid sometimes. A 3 year-old and loose glitter, my own fault. But they really are so pretty.

I also finished (with help from Mummie) the Jo Sharp Keyhole Vest. No pictures yet. Sorry. It's really pretty, too. My Mummie picked up the stitches around the arms and neck for me. She loves to do it, and I HATE to do it, so there you go.

Please keep your fingers crossed (and everything else) that I heal quickly, 'cause I'm already dying of boredom and un-finished objects (UFO's). Especially since I can't sew, either. Woe is me.

One last pic. Bubba in her igloo that she and Daddy built.

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