Thursday, March 27, 2008

I'm leavin' on a jet plane...

Yep, I just got back from sunny (but chilly) California. Now I'm leaving for Florida. I got a week at home before I'm off to do another show for the company. I guess they thought I did a good job at the last one.

My finger is healing. I can actually type again (at a real speed). I've been knitting for a couple of weeks. Its awkward, but I just couldn't not knit anymore. I knit the back of a vest on the plane ride to and from CA. I'm working on the fronts (cardigan style) both at the same time. I'm using a self-striping wool/soy yarn and I'm too anal retentive to have the fronts not match up. I'm finding I'm addicted to the striping yarns right now, I think it's the winter doldrums come to call and I need the color in my life. I'm also enjoying the wool/soy blends, they're very silky feeling compared to all wool. I will try to post some update pics when I have a little spare time. Hahaha.

The show in CA was called Natural Foods Expo West. Overwhelming does not even describe it. There must have been well over a thousand companies/vendors represented, maybe 2,000. All with all-natural/organic product. Amazing. I have an all natural/high fructose corn syrup-free household (except for Canada Dry ginger ale and Hershey's chocolate syrup...I can't find an all natural one that actually tastes right in milk) and this show was like going to heaven. I spent my lunch hour mostly in the section of the food vendors, sampling foods, collecting business cards and educating myself. Note to self: "raw" granola/snack bars are not so good. Kashi makes the best frozen pizza I've ever eaten. The roasted vegetable kind is fabulous, now I just have to convince my local grocery store to carry it! I could go on and on about the food, but I won't. Except that I have a guy in CA sending me organic chocolate for eating and baking...and he sent me home with a 5lb bag of organic cane sugar (yep, took it home in my suitcase.) I met some of the nicest people, and discovered some of the most amazing products on this trip. I hope they let me go next year. And I hope it's not 55 and windy again!

I got the chance to work with one of our wonderful demo people at the show (D). She's pregnant and due in May (and about the cutest pregnant woman I've ever seen!). We had great conversations about our different baby experiences, breastfeeding, parenting styles, potty training (her son is Bubba Lou's age). I used the Dr. Sears "Baby Book" a lot because I really liked his and his wife's philosophies and D actually has Dr. Sears and his sons as her pediatricians. One of them actually made a house call on a weekend so she wouldn't have to take her son to the ER. Amazing, although I can't even imagine the bill for that!

I sent my good friend Abbie over at DamselDesigns a birthday present before I left. She posted about the felted bowls I sent her...I'm so happy they are loved. Do you want a big red one for the kitchen? I am contemplating doing up a bunch more (they're quick) and trying my hand at Etsy (okay, okay already). I might even embroider a few, but I like them simple...there's just something so homey about them with out being kitschy. And hey, they're washable.

I'm going to try to post more often after I get back from FL and my life resumes it's "normal" promises. I like sleep too much (I refuse to get up before Bubba does), and knitting, and baking. And there's that thing called work I have to contend with.

Keep your fingers crossed for us in the great white north that spring comes quickly and I don't get anymore snow...I can actually see my entire driveway now! The snow in my front yard is still past my knees, though. And it's dirty looking now. It just has to go away. Like Marvin K...will you please go now?

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Abbie said...

Hiya Am!!
I'm so happy that you had a great time in CA.. sorry the weather didn't cooperate for you, but I bet it was still better than here! :) It is supposed to be sunny and nice today, MELT SNOW! MELT! I'm glad that your finger is better. Amber w/o knitting is like is like fat free ice cream.. it just doesn't make sense and it's not a good thing!
We are slowly making the shift to organic. It is super expensive, but i guess the cost of healthy problems is higher..
Give me a call when you get a sec.. you sound crazy busy!