Wednesday, July 30, 2008


We just got back from our first vacation in 2 1/2 years. Sy, BubbaLou and I went camping in York Beach, Maine for 4 nights/5 days. It rained almost every night and was beautiful every day. Not bad. Sy and I had a nice air mattress and Bubba had a fabulous new cot (Regalo travel cot) that kept us all off the cold, damp floor of the tent. Bubba was so well behaved I was in shock, I think she enjoyed the undivided attention. She slept very well, and for two evenings we were able to take a long walk and she fell asleep in the stroller around 7:15 and slept until about 6am. All in all the first camping experience with my young daughter was enjoyable.

That said, I hope we never do it again. I'm too old for that crap. Sy and I are actually going to look into renting a house on the ocean with my sister next summer and hopefully buy a camper and rent a seasonal spot the following summer. Our goal is to have me back out of work and home with BubbaLou the spring of 2010, and having a camper at one spot for the whole summer will allow us to get away for weeks at a time and not break the bank!

We took Bubba to York's Wild Kingdom and Amusement Park. I highly recommend it...the zoo and ride passes are reasonably priced for adults and little ones and you can go back all day long, lots of bang for your buck. All three of us was under $50, and we spent from 10am when the zoo opened to 5pm there (with a break back at the tent for lunch.) If you have older kids, the amusement park is open until 10pm, I think.

BubbaLou doesn't appreciate the animals behind fences yet (in her words "I see them on tv.) Feeding the ducks, goats and deer was more up her alley. More doing, less looking.

Then we took her to the amusement park and let her ride every ride she wanted to as many times as she wanted. We did every kiddie ride at least once.

My litte diva blowing kisses on the carousel. She did the Miss America wave, too. We had to do this one twice.

Bumper Boats-I think she just had fun steering around in the water. She said she "really like dis better than the other boats." Her first kiddie ride was in a boat going around a water track. Yeah, she got to ring the bell, but she didn't go anywhere. BubbaLou is all about action.

Then Daddy took her on the real bumper cars.

I couldn't get her back on a kiddie ride to save my life.
"No Mama, I need to smash people."
You could hear her out there shouting "Get that one, get him, get him!" It was worth every penny we paid for admission to see the joy in her eyes and hear the peals of laughter every time they hit someone or got hit. We had to do this twice and would have done it more if the lines weren't so bad, I guess everyone love the bumper cars. They also had a kidde ferris wheel that she rode twice, once before the bumper cars and once after. You could see the boredom in her face on the second go-round. Then we took her on the real ferris wheel, no fear in my little girl.

I'm really gonna be in trouble when state fair season starts!

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Abbie said...

oh, it looks like fun!
One child sounds fabulous, three sounds like a nightmare!! It will be along time before C and I take the kids anywhere for the night. My dads was bad enough! It sounds wonderful! I have driven by York's Wild Kingdom several itmes, hae never been.. sounds like a good day trip!
Bubba looks so cute!