Monday, August 4, 2008


Am I the only person sick and tired of seeing kids clothes covered in Hannah Montana, Elmo, and Dora? My daughter likes t.v., and I let her watch some. Not every day, not every week even, but yeah, she knows who Dora is (not Hannah M., thank goodness.) Will I let her wear Dora, Cinderella, and Ariel on everything she owns? No. Yes, she does have a couple of t-shirts with Tinkerbell and a couple of princesses (thanks to a trip to Disneyland I took a few months ago.) Mum got her a princess beach chair. That's where it ends. I wont' let Dora on my little girl's sunglasses or shoes, I won't buy her a skimpy bikini with the little mermaid on it.

Yeah, let's talk about little girl's bathing suits! I bought Bubba two very conservative tankini's from One Step Ahead. SPF50, covered her belly and back, didn't fall off her shoulders, but easy to pull down to go pee. These swimsuits are pretty big on her (the tops are okay but the bottoms would almost fit me), so I was in a major department store the other day looking for something smaller and on sale to get us through the rest of summer. I couldn't find a single toddler's one-piece bathing suit that wasn't cut with a "bra" top and low back, and every two piece looked like a miniature of mine (pretty skimpy.) Since when do 3 year olds need sexy swimwear? Don't we need to cover up their delicate skin, while still letting them play in the water? And why can't they sell one without a cartoon character on it?

I know every major retailer offered conservative 1 and 2 piece swimwear earlier in the season (didn't I buy some?), but I really think it's disgusting that what I found is even offered. I mean, really, do pedophiles really need encouragement? I'm sorry if I'm way up on a soapbox here, but toddlers in skimpy bikinis are not cute. Let's let our kids be kids, not mini-adults. They grow up too fast all by themselves anyway.

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Abbie said...

I hear ya sister! Unfortunately, I can't get T out of her Cinderella, but the bathing suit thing is right on. There is something really wrong with our society isn't there? It's like seeing little girls in sandals with a heel. Uh???? And as scary as it is, there are creepy people in every town. Just check the sexual predator list for NH. It scared the crap out of me.