Thursday, September 11, 2008

Doggie and Elf

The breeder we are hoping to get a puppy from is expecting 10 puppies anytime after this Friday. 2 month gestation period...I wish that's all I had to deal with (although, I only had one, not ten.) Please keep your fingers crossed for a healthy delivery and uneventful first few weeks. If all goes well, I'll bring my long-awaited Irish Wolfhound home the weekend before my birthday (and Thanksgiving.) I've already asked for the week of Thanksgiving off to both prepare for the holiday and spend a lot of time with the newest family member, hopefully making the transition into his/her new home easier.

On the knitting front, I've been doing the cutest elfin hats for every kid I know. Bubba Lou finally got hers. Coordinating mittens are in the works. Then I get to start my mittens. And maybe finish a few sweaters I have hanging around, especially since it's gotten quite chilly around here!

Bubba's hat as it's meant to be worn. She's a pretty willing model most days. Even if it's not for her. And Bubba will usually let me use a tape measure on her to "double check."

Bubba's new hat in "princess crown" version. I actually like it better this way.

The start of Bubba's mittens. I had one past the thumb last night, and realized it would have fit me. Needless to say, ripping out commenced.

I hope everyone is enjoying the beginning of fall, even if your not looking foward to the cost of heating your home this winter. I've already made pumpkin muffins and apple crisp. And chicken pot pie (it had been chilly when I baked the chicken, but was 80 degrees when I baked the pot pie.) I'm crazy, I need to loose 6 pounds, but I just can't resist fall food. Yummy.

Two months 'til my little girl turns 4. Bubba has picked a "teddy bear" theme for her birthday party and I'm already researching stand-up bear cake molds and decorating ideas. I think this cake will have to be chocolate...a red velvet bear would be gross. Think bleeding armadillo in Steel Magnolias, but for kids. Ick. I wish I had time to knit more...I have the cutest pattern for mini knitted bears, wouldn't that be the cutest favor for the kiddos? Too much seaming, to little time. The story of my life!

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Abbie said...

Hi Am!
Oh! that hat is so cute! you have such a lovely model! I'm SOOO glad that I'm not getting a new puppy. (I thought you weren't having anymore children!) ;) Enjoy! It's gonna be such a cutie! Hope all is well, I'll email you when I get a sec.. we have been very sick here. Hubby is on the mend, but T and A are still fighting something. Uuuugggghhh. Anyways, hope all is well!