Saturday, September 13, 2008


9 of the 10 puppies made it through delivery. 3 girls, 6 boys. Please keep those fingers and toes crossed that the next few weeks find these little gentle giants thriving.

Finished one of Bubba's mittens and couldn't resist starting one of mine. Actually, it's a hand-warmer, not a mitten, because my house is getting chilly and my hands get really cold. Hand warmers mean I can still knit my evenings away while watching CSI and Bones.

I'm painting Bubba's new room today, green walls with a blue ceiling to match her new bedding. It's so cute...I even painted two lamps red and put rick-rack trim on the shades to match the trim on the bedding. We have to move her back into the center of the house to keep her warm this winter. Last year she had windows and was over a room we don't heat, her little space heater ran 24 hours a day to keep the room comfortable. Needless to say, our budget will not tolerate that this year. So....we're moving her into a room with no windows and it's over the living room, so she'll be warmer at a lower cost.

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