Monday, June 29, 2009


I couldn't bitch about the weather in the last was simply too precious.

I'm covered in mold. The strawberries rot before we can harvest them. My house smells. My garden won't grow, although I have more radishes than I can eat and the lettuce is doing okay. We've had rain (literally) almost every day the month of June. July isn't looking like it will be any better. If it rains in UT at OR, I will probably just lay down in the street and cry. Wait, that's just more water...I'd drown.

Ugh. And they wonder why people from the northeast are cold, bitter, and pessimistic. You try living through 8 months of cold and snow, looking forward to sun and warmth, and then getting cold, rain, and dampness. You'd be pretty pissy, too. Especially if every summer since you moved to the lake was rainy and not too hot.

On another note, check out Sy's right foot. He discovered a nest of bumblebees while doing some cleaning in the barn. They had decided a roll of insulation was the perfect place. Fortunately, Bubba Lou picked this time to listen to Daddy and RAN!

I can't post the picture of the is too creepy, weird, gross, nasty and I don't want to look at it again.

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Abbie said...

Hi Am,
Wow Ouch! Poor Sy! It looks painful. Isn't the rain ridiculous?? It is soooo hard to keep a smile. I haven't been knitting, but perhaps it'll help my mood. :) I love the sweater you made BL. The colors are wonderful! We really need to get together, whenever your schedule works. If the weather ever improves, We have a playset and sandbox outside that are tons of fun. Hope you guys are great! (other than the swelling..)
:) Abbie