Monday, June 29, 2009

Toothache Sweet

Bubba Lou and our newest addition, Bun. Bun is a character (rabbit, of course) in one of our favorite books. The next bunny will be Squeaky...same book.

Zeep tiptoe-ing through the flowers. Best he can at 130lbs +/-. A lot of people (that don't know what a wolfhound is) think he's an old dog because his face is so grey. They obviously haven't seen him in's all puppy! And did I mention he loves the Bun and hasn't tried to eat him?
BL's new sweater. My own pattern, Manos Del Uruguay Cotton Stria, 1 skein turq. 4 lime green. Do not buy this yarn. It's stiff, but breaks and splits really easily. My last skein had 9, NINE, knots in it. I'd have knit stripes if I knew I'd be working in that many ends. Otherwise, the sweater is soft and perfect for warmer weather with 3/4 sleeves (ran out of yarn for whole sleeves) and perfectly loose fabric on size US5 needles. BL actually prefers the 3/4 sleeves because they "don't git in my way."

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