Friday, February 18, 2011

Touching base

It's been a while. Got sucked into Facebook, got sidetracked by resumes, made a trip to SLC for Outdoor Retailer (great to see old, and make new, friends.) OR is a long, exhausting show, but it's good for the soul and helps me to remember that people are inherently nice and good. Casey, our new 4-year-old wolfhound has settled into the house nicely. BubbaLou has lost 2 teeth, learned to swim underwater, improved her skiing. I've knit almost nothing, I owe my sister a pair of mittens for Christmas and can't seem to get past the first one. Forget about all the sweaters on needles right now. I'm headed back to CA for Expo West in March and not looking forward to it. It'll be a stressful trip this year and I'm not looking forward to returning the office afterward to face the third degree and petty office jealousy ('cause I'm on vacation out there...riiiiight.) I probably haven't posted in so long because I just had nothing to say. I probably ought to post more often to get things out, maybe it will restore some of my creative ambition and put a little fire under my ass. I am in desperate need of some motivation. And some spring.

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