Saturday, July 30, 2011

it's been awhile

Spring came & went. So did Expo. My hours at work went back to normal. Headed to Outdoor Retailer in SLC next week. Part of me can't wait, part of me doesn't want to go at all. It's all the same shit, different day. Work will never change until I can find something new with a chance for growth both personal and professional.

I'm back to knitting, a little bit. I'm sewing the heck out of little girl skirts, knitting breaks it up. Apple Pie Craft Fair is less than a month away and I've signed up for a booth again. Let's hope I don't lose money yet again. 90% of what I'm selling are skirts.

Summer is flying by, like usual. Someday I'll be able to take it off and enjoy it instead of cramming more than possible into each sunny day I don't have to work. This is the reason my house is a disaster area. I should be cleaning instead of writing, but whatever. Oh, to be 25 again with no cares in the world except why my cocktail glass is empty.

My irises were beautiful, until the rain beat the hell out of them. The bee balm is stunning this year. I may actually have edible tomatoes before the frost hits. I'm not holding my breath, though.

I start teaching part-time at BubbaLou's school this fall in exchange for tuition. It works out to about $10/hour, but it's worth it to keep BL at the same school. I'm hoping this will turn into something full time with a decent paycheck. Again, I'm not holding my breath.

Argh. I only seem to post when I'm feeling "off." I guess my journal has gone online. I need to find a babysitter and rediscover my life and the man in it.

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