Monday, October 13, 2008

More puppies and a sweater

What a difference just one week makes. They're already 2 pounds heavier and their faces and bodies are starting to take shape. Only 150+/- pounds to go!
Worked my fingers to the bone to have BubbaLou's new sweater done for this. On the good side, it didn't rain like last year. On the bad side, it was WAY to hot to wear a sweater. It was almost too hot for long pants, but we survived. BL had loads of fun on the rides, but was sad she's still too small for the tilt-a-whirl. I wish my only disappointment was not getting to ride the big rides. Tough life for an almost 4 year old.

Here's the sweater. Cascade Sierra, cotton/merino blend. I got the two skeins of pink for 40% off, and was given the skein of blue. What can I say? Ya work with what ya got. Washer and dryer friendly, with good "bounce" to the yarn/stitches. Very kid friendly and tough as nails. Her other "sierra" sweater is going on its 3rd?'s a little short in places, but she wont' give it up. Needless to say, we've really tested the wash/dry factor.

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Abbie said...

Hi Am,
You amaze me.. it is just gorgeous! I can't count stitches. It is a big problem when I would like to do more complex crochet. The puppies are so cute! You must be getting super excited.. a new baby in the house!