Sunday, October 26, 2008


I'm watching History Channel..."History of Halloween." Try explaining honoring and pacifying the dead to a 4 year old who wants to be a hummingbird that eats candy, not nectar. I also had to explain Solstice since the dark of winter is not here yet, but the night skies are dark before her bedtime. When did almost 4 year olds learn to ask good, intelligent questions? I dont' know if I'm quite ready for this.

During the National Anthem at the Hopkinton Fair I had to try to explain honor and respect, but now my little girl points out every single "Mamerica Flag" she sees. We were at a pow-wow last weekend and during the opening the drummers play/sing 3 honoring songs, an opening song, a veteran's song, and a flag song. No photographs, stand up, remove your hat if it doesn't contain eagle feathers. I had to try to explain honor and respect again. Let me tell you, I'm happy to explain them over and over. Keep your fingers crossed it sinks in.

However you choose, please enjoy your holiday. Me? I'll be trick-or-treating with a hummingbird, and asking my Nana if she can see how well that bird flies.

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Abbie said...

Hi Am,
:) T wants to be Tinkerbell, surprise! Z is probably going to his dad's so I don't think we are doing the traditional 'trick or treat' but some friends are having a party on Sat. so we'll take the girls to that. Soon you'll have a baby to take care of! Are you gonna make a costume for her? him? for next year? Perhaps a kitty.